Atheism Isn’t A Crime Or A Disease

Every time I tell someone I’m an atheist, they give me a sad, pitying look. Some people even have the audacity to tell me that they’ll pray for me or that they hoped that I would have faith again someday. And at each of these instances I want to laugh wryly and punch them in the face. Atheism isn’t about those people who have faced so many difficulties in life, that they’ve lost complete faith in God or whatever it is you theists assume. Let me clarify something for you.
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The Pressing Issue Of Sexism

Male chauvinism. This is a serious issue today, and most of us are oblivious to it. Men have always found a way to boss over women, to make them feel like childbearing machines, to treat us like their property.

It’s depressing to know that such uneducated and brutal mindset is still prevalent in the modern world. 

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The absence of light is darkness
The absence of heat is coldness
The absence of love is loneliness
The absence of care is hopelessness
The absence of smile is sadness
The absence of meaning is bareness
The absence of me is now….